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Knowledge evolves. So does our wiki.The first company wiki that your team will use in the long run.

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Why Skara?

Always up-to-date, effective and efficient

There are many wikis and similar tools. But a wiki alone does not make your team more successful. Your team members must use it. And that's where Skara comes in.

High-quality content

We help your team to improve the quality of your content sustainably because outdated content is often a problem in company wikis. For this purpose, we send regular reports to your team, which point out obsolete, irrelevant, or missing entries.

Calculating the pertinence of entries with a smart formula
Rating entries
Pointing out old contents
Suggest missing topics
Regular reports

We make sure that your team has fun working with Skara

User and team achievements

There are dozens of achievements that can be unlocked. Some of them are hidden. Can you get them all?

Rankings & statistics

Who writes the most and best entries in the team and thus advances your company wiki the most? We'll show you!

Great user experience

It is essential to us that you can create and edit content quickly and intuitively. Text markups can be created using a toolbar, keyboard shortcuts, markdown, or quick commands. Whatever you like!

Many different content elements
Quick commands
Third-party integrations
Markdown support
Use Cases

It's up to you how you use it

Skara helps your team share information between people, teams, and tools. Transfer knowledge to a central location, so that your team can perform better.



Use Skara as your company playbook to keep information like your mission and culture, customer personas, benefits, and features of products and other valuable facts organized.

Project Documentation

Project documentation

Achieve a good comprehensibility of the decisions, which leads to a real understanding of the actual and desired situation in your team.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation

Archive all internal product-relevant documents from product concept to final market launch seamlessly and legally compliant.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures

Step-by-step instructions designed to help employees perform complex routine tasks.

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes

Briefly record the purpose of meetings, take note of the participants, and document the agreed result of the meeting for the future.

New Employee Onboarding

New employee onboarding

Document the onboarding of new employees to ensure a quick and smooth adaption of the attitude, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required in your organization.

Sharing Best Practices

Sharing best practices

Avoid redundancies and repetitions of effort, increase efficiency in your team, and ensure consistent quality of work while reducing costs.

Resource Library

Resource library

Share relevant links, useful videos, or internal documents to create a library of company-related resources to get everyone onto the same knowledge base.

Work logs

Work logs

Log your work and get an overview of where your priorities were and whether they match your goals. This approach will improve your efficiency in the long run.



Create quick notes about ideas and impressions, enrich them with pictures to create mood boards you can share with your customers.


Everything you need to share knowledge

Are you missing a particular feature? Please let us know.

Clever detection of irrelevant entries

We calculate the pertinence of entries with a smart formula and show you the results so that you can improve them.

User and team achievements

There are dozens of achievements that can be unlocked. Some of them are hidden. Can you get them all?

Live search

Super fast and easy to use search system for a convenient search of all your content.

Organize with multiple teams

Create multiple teams and switch between them quickly and easily. For example, you can create a separate team for each department if you like.

Third-party integrations

You can easily embed third-party tools like Figma, YouTube, Vimeo, GitHub, CodePen, or


Access rights management

Ensure that each team member can only see and edit what they are allowed to do.



We save your entire editing history in revisions so that you can undo unwanted changes at any time.


Corporate personalizations

To seamlessly integrate Skara into your business, you can upload your logo and define your corporate color.


Dark mode

They say dark mode is more comfortable for the eyes. And energy-saving. No idea! We think it's cooler.

Advantages of a wiki

Your company loses money if you don't use knowledge efficiently

In addition to employees, corporate knowledge is an essential success factor for a company.

No Overtime

No overtime

Prevent needless overtime for your employees.

More efficiency

More efficiency

Employees perform their tasks better and more efficiently.

Motivated employees

Motivated employees

The motivation of your employees increases.

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